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To some, wine is just a beverage.

To others wine is a serious sensory adventure.

About Alexa

Certified Sommelier, WSET Diploma, with a passion for unique products ranging from wine and beer, to spirits, sake and cocktails. 


As a former art historian, I have a new story to tell about wine and spirits as a unique art form that truly excites everyone. Whether in retail or fine dining, I engage with clients to help them to find not only a delicious wine along side great pieces of history. With so many incredible producers with different intentions, backgrounds, and creations, my job is to be a tour guide and find the beverage that surprises you. 

Sommelier    Spirit Specialist​    Educator


I can guide your beverage team and cellar to reach its full potential 

Now, more than ever it is important to have a diverse and knowledgable team. We need to be adaptive to changing times and continue to engage all demographics in every style of beverage. Check out my services to see how I can provide your team with a fresh perspective:

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